March 2018 Minutes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association

Minutes for March 8, 2018 General Membership Meeting

  1. Introductions (Approximately 17 people in attendance, plus representatives from Sacramento Fire Department and Sacramento Police Department)
  2. Presentation by Sacramento Fire Department.
    1. Fernando Vallejo gave an overview of what the Sacramento Fire Department does, including fire prevention, rescue operations, arson investigation, medical emergencies, boat rescue etc.
    2. What the public can do: check your smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors, sweep out chimneys, keep a list of medications and conditions for elderly relatives, have fire extinguishers, lock up flammable materials (especially if you have kids), have a family emergency and exit plan. They also need more stations in the area with the growing population and in the Delta Shores area. They would also like to have electric gurneys.
    3. If you have a good experience with the fire department, let your councilmember know and also say thank you to the first responders.
    4. Fernando answered several questions from the members.
  3. Presentation from Sac PD Officer Corey Johnson regarding a bike rodeo.
    1. Assigned to the Traffic Division (only has a Sargent and 5 officers – they used to have 30) and also runs the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Grant, including giving out helmets (1,300 available) to kids.
    2. Does bike rodeos to teach people to be safer riders – doing a bicycle rodeo on Saturday, April 28th. Will also have a few bicycle mechanics to assist people and teach them about bikes.
    3. Traffic Complaint Line – 916-808-3777 – give specific information
    4. May is National Bike Safety Month.
  4. Update on Local Business Forum (Mary McCune).
    1. Mary gave an overview of the first successful Local Business Forum. We are planning another event for later in the Spring.
  5. Pride of the Pocket Awards (Devin Lavelle).
    1. April 26th will be Pride of the Pocket Awards. Four elected officials have agreed to present awards. The nomination deadline has passed and Devin will be providing the nominations to the committee for review soon.
    2. There will be a bake-off at the event. We will be soliciting more charitable donations for additional food etc. We have someone who has volunteered to do photography and donate flowers.
    3. Need volunteers for the decorating committee.
  6. Nonprofit Status (Tristan Brown).
    1. Tristan provided an update on the nonprofit status. We are currently waiting for our formal letter from the Internal Revenue Service.
  7. Membership (Erin Peth).
    1. Erin notified the group that as of that time, we have 13 formal members. She also informed people how to become a member and asked the group to spread the word to other interested people.
  8. Family Picnic (Erin Peth).
    1. Erin notified the group that we are still interested in doing an event like this and that we are in the initial planning stages.
  9. New Business
    1. An announcement was made about a book sale for the Robbie Waters Friends of the Library which starts on April 14, 2018.
    2. Members also expressed interest in doing additional clean-up efforts.
  10. Next General Membership Meeting – May 1, 2018
  11. Adjournment