Featured Business: Cacio

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s Featured Business is Cacio, join us as we get to know its owners and husband & wife management team, Jonathan & Katie Kerksieck:

Devin: We’re excited to have your great new Italian eatery here in the Pocket! But we shouldn’t say, welcome, right? As I understand it, you already called the Pocket your home.

Katie: Yes! We live here in the Pocket. It’s a short five minute commute to the restaurant. Jonathan has been cooking in Sacramento for 30 years, with commutes ranging from downtown to El Dorado Hills. I have been managing restaurants in the Sacramento Area as well as opened several restaurants and hotels around the country with Commune Hospitality. But we wanted to work close to home in the community that we love. We wanted to bring a fun, affordable spin to the Pocket Area.

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Featured Business: Nugget Market

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s featured business is Nugget Market. Join us as we get to know Store Director Erick St. John.

Devin: Thanks for taking the time, Erick. What makes Nugget special?

Erick: Nugget Market is a very unique and special place to shop. Not only do we provide your everyday needs, but we also provide specialty items as well, all while making you feel right at home. Our company was founded in 1926 by Mack and Gene Stille who had a dream to create a shopping experience like none other; creating a family vibe and always living by the motto of have fun! To this day this is still a family run business who prides itself in continuing to live out the very qualities once instilled upon its foundation.

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Featured Business: Bloom Flowers

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s Featured Business is Bloom, join us as we get to know its owner, florist, suburban flower farmer and a neighbor here in the Pocket, Amanda Kitaura!

Devin Lavelle: We’ve enjoyed the flowers you provided to decorate the Pride of the Pocket Awards this spring, but can you tell us a little more about your business?

Amanda Kitaura: Bloom is a small, family-owned floral delivery subscription service in Sacramento. We deliver fresh, local bouquets right to you each week or month. Our blooms are perfect, everyday bouquets ready to bring some joy to your home or office! All of our blooms come from right here in Northern California — either from our own small farm or from local flower farmers. Unlike companies that import flowers from other countries or far-flung parts of the country, our blooms are sourced right here in Northern California. You’ll be supporting farmers less than a day’s drive away from Sacramento and getting the freshest flowers possible at the same time. I offer one-time deliveries, flower subscriptions, and flowers for weddings and other events.

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Featured Business: Grocery Outlet

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s Featured Business is Grocery Outlet, join us as we get to know its owners and management team, Richard & Christie Wierzbick!

Devin: Thanks for taking the time Richard & Christie, I love dropping in. You just never know what fun treats you’ll find, it’s so much fun! Can you tell me a little more about your store?

Richard: We are the proud owners of the Pocket Grocery Outlet, recently celebrating 5 years serving the Pocket/Greenhaven neighborhood and surrounding community. We are in a partnership with Grocery Outlet and bring quality name brand products for sale with savings from 40-60% less than conventional stores. We offer a large selection of our NOSH items (Natural, Organic, Specialty & Healthy) as well as health and beauty, general merchandise, fresh produce, dairy, fresh meat and fish, beer, wine & spirits. Grocery Outlet is the largest opportunistic food purchaser in the United States.

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PGCA Supports Measure U

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association strongly urges voters in our community to vote Yes on Measure U. Measure U provides essential funding to support public safety, parks, libraries and youth & senior services that help make our community such a special place to live, work and play.
Expanding Measure U will allow the city to further improve those services and increase investment in our local neighborhoods. While we appreciate the level of public safety achieved over the last several years, there is a clear consensus in our community that continuing to improve safety remains a top priority and that investing in the community resources that strengthen neighborly bonds and provide positive experiences for youth are a key strategy.
We do not take the costs lightly and commit to continue our efforts as a Community Association to ensure these funds are spent wisely, efficiently and with a focus on our neighborhoods and residents.
In accordance with the PGCA by-laws, this position was taken after a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors following a discussion with and input from members and other residents.

2018 Voter Information Forum

With 11 statewide initiatives along with Measure U renewal on the ballot, voters in the Pocket-Greenhaven community will have a lot of decisions to make this fall.

Register Here

To help inform these decisions, The Pocket-Greenhaven Community Assocation is bringing together a group of experts to provide a non-partisan overview of the measures, including key background on who is supporting and opposing them, who is funding them and, most importantly, what they will really do.

Dr. Kim Nalder, Director of the Sacramento State Project for an Informed Electorate will lead an informational discussion on the initiatives, providing a non-partisan summary of each.

Councilman Rick Jennings & Trustee Darrel Woo will provide their insight.

Moderator: Devin Lavelle

When: Wed, October 10, 2018, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT
Where: Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library, 7335 Gloria Drive

Registration Strongly Requested

September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association

Minutes for September 4, 2018 General Membership Meeting

Introductions (Approximately 13 people in attendance)

Presentation from SMUD Board Member Genevieve Shiroma.

Shiroma provided an overview of her service on the SMUD Board and recent efforts for renewable energy etc. Ms. Shiroma’s term will expire in December. She offered to continue to be a resource to assist customers until that point.

Presentation by Kaelin Sherrel regarding upcoming changes to time-of-day rates.

Kaelin provided an overview of the new SMUD program called “Time of Day” rates, which will be rolling out in the Fall and in 2019. There are numerous resources on SMUD’s website for customers to compare how the new rates will affect them.

Upcoming Voter Forum on October 10, 2018 from 6:00 – 8:00. (Devin Lavelle).

Local elected officials and experts will be in attendance to provide an overview of the measures on the ballot in November.

Family Carnival Event (Jim Geary).

The Pocket-Greenhaven Parkway Kids’ Festival will be on October 21, 2018 8-12 p.m. behind Caroline Wenzel. Kids age 3 to 10-11 years old. Athletic events will be a non-competitive bike cruise and a non-competitive run – three age groups. There will also be food and carnival events.

Jim and Beth Koster of Greenhaven Soccer Club are going to be co-directors of the event.

They are working with the City on securing permits and signage.

Pocket Greenhaven Moms group will also be helping with the event.

 Taking a position on Measure U (Will Cannady).

Will provided an overview on Measure U 1.0 and Measure U 2.0. Devin also added more information about how the measures may affect the parks and park rangers.

The group discussed their opinions and thoughts about the measure and a straw poll was taken with strong support for the Measure.

New Business

Devin gave an update on the progress at the Promenade Shopping Center.

The group discussed the possibility of having goats brought out to assist in maintaining the grasses on the levee.

Next General Membership Meeting – November 7, 2018


July 2018 Minutes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association
Minutes for July 10th, 2018 General Membership Meeting

  • Introductions (Approximately 24 people in attendance)
  • Friends of the Sacramento River Parkway Presentation by Jim Houpt

-Jim gave an overview on the purpose of the Friends of the Sacramento River Parkway group

-Jim explained the history of the Sacramento River Parkway and the need to continue to advocate for its completion.

-The PGCA Board will vote to take a position on supporting the Sacramento River Parkway at our next meeting.

  • Local Business Roundtable

-Quick update on how the last business roundtable went.

-Plans are being made for the next business roundtable meeting.

  • National Night Out, Tues. Aug. 7th

-We will be co-hosting a NNO event with Pocket Nextdoor on Tues. Aug.7th from 6-8 pm.

-We will also make an effort to reach out to other neighborhood groups to support their NNO events.

  • Pocket 4th of July Parade

-We reviewed our successful participation in the event.

  • Making Greenhaven Dr. safer for bike/ped crossers exiting Pocket Canal Path

-Presentation by Emily Piltch on how we could increase access from the Pocket Canal Path to local retail.

-Will follow up by working with Councilmember Jenning’s office and offering further support to Emily.

  • Pocket/Greenhaven Family Picnic

-Jim Geary and Erin Peth are still working with Councilmember Jennings office to set up the event.

  • Memorial for Cottonwood at Renfree Park

-GariRae will be looking into seeing what we could be doing to create a memorial for the Cottonwood tree at Renfree Park.

  • Crop Swap

-A neighborhood crop swap will be held on July 29th at 10 am in front of Robbie Waters Library

  • Budget update

-Have $1,028 in our account.

-Still working with FTB to finalize nonprofit status with the state.

Next general membership meeting, September 4th.

PGCA Supports Del Rio Trail

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association is proud to support the completion of the proposed Del Rio Trail.  Consistent with our core goals including the upkeep and expansion of parks and recreation spaces, the Del Rio Trail would be an exciting new option for local residents to help live an active and healthy lifestyle.  We look
forward to working with SLPNA and the City on the Del Rio Trail as an important part of expanding recreation and active transit infrastructure in our beautiful corner of the city.

Next Local Business Roundtable

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association will be holding their second Local Business Roundtable on Thursday, June 28 from 6-8pm at the Robbie Waters Library. Topics for discussion include determining effective ways to market businesses to the local community and organized “shop local” campaigns within the neighborhood. Additional agenda topics can be emailed to info@pocketgreenhaven.org.